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We’re here to help with all your inspection needs, whether you struggle with inspection capacity, or need extra capability, we can meet your requirements and alleviate the pressure. Our team has many years of experience in measurements and using CMMs and Optical Systems, We can supply on inspection reports as required

Please see our inspection equipment list for more information

Testing / Inspection Equipment

  • Mitutoyo Electronic Surface Tester SJ-210
  • Temperature controlled inspection room
  • Trimos V3 Digital height gauge
  • Mitutoyo Digital height gauge
  • Full Range of Digital Metric / Imperial Micrometers & Vernier Calipers
  • Depth Mics, Height Gauges, Slips etc etc

Keyence IM7020 Measurement System: Quality Focus

At AARAN 1m we believe it starts with consistent identification and forecasting of potential issues for our customers, so we can invest in long-term solutions to provide 100% quality to our end customers.

We have recently added the Keyence IM-7020. This advancement in our product quality assurance technology provides highly accurate and efficient component inspection and very fast to ensure we meet the customers delivers.

As an established, growing provider of Aerospace machined components serving customers around the globe, we at A1 have built our reputation on consistent, high quality products and continue to invest in new technology

In order to guarantee that any volume of precision parts meet mission critical specifications, we must perform rigorous inspections on all products before they are approved.

Please check our other inspection equipment to understand our true intentions

Carl Zeiss O select optical measuring

ZEISS O-SELECT makes the optical measurement of 2D parts easy and reliable. Thanks to fully automatic setting of both illumination and focus, measuring errors due to operator influence are eliminated. At the mere push of a button, ZEISS O-SELECT evaluates the characteristics and documents the results – also in a professional report if needed.

Serial measurement at the press of a button

Parts for which a measuring plan has already been generated can be tested with ZEISS O-SELECT at the press of a button. The system identifies the positioned part and loads the appropriate program automatically. The alignment is also automatic. ZEISS O-SELECT sets the optimal illumination and focuses automatically. This not only lightens the operator's workload, but also makes the measurement operator-independent and reproducible. If required, the reliable result is automatically output or printed in a report.

Fully automated
  • Position the part
  • Start the serial measurement
  • Reproducible, traceable results and automated output


  • Full Inspection reports
  • Advanced SPC software
  • Auto focus Lens & Control of Len’s lighting
  • Measurement of depths
  • Measuring accuracy (3+L/100) Microns
  • SPC report generator and monitoring

Latest Carl Zeiss CMM with scanning head

Carl Zeiss technology

This bridge-type CMM meets the market’s demand for an economical, CMM with Carl Zeiss machine, sensor and software technology. Designed for general measurement, the SPECTRUM can be configured to meet your specific needs.

  • Carl Zeiss RDS-C5 articulating probe holder with our XDT multi-point sensor or Renishaw TP20 touch-trigger. Measure angled features in difficult to reach locations. The articulating probe holder offers +/- 180 degrees of bi-directional rotation and permits indexing steps of 5 degrees reaching 5,184 angular positions for either sensor.
  • SPECTRUM can also be configured with the XDT directly for general prismatic applications.
  • CAA (Computer Aided Accuracy) ensures computer-aided error correction of the dynamic deformations of the machine technology
Machine technology
  • The granite machine table underscores the sturdy construction of this measuring machine.
  • 4-side air bearings from Carl Zeiss ensure more stability and measuring precision.
  • The controller, software, sensors and additional components are ZEISS products and are optimally matched to each other.
  • The computer-independent standard control panel permits manual control via the joystick at a measuring location away from the computer. Speed during CNC operation is controlled via the overdrive knob.

Video shadow graph measuring systems

  • Mitutoyo Electronic Surface Tester SJ-210
  • Teas Rugsurf 10 Surface testeter
  • Digital height gauge
  • Bowers Precision Bore Gauges
  • Full Range of Digital Metric / Imperial Micrometers & Vernier Calipers
  • Depth Mics, Height Gauges, Slips etc etc
  • In excess of 500 Screw Plug & Ring Gauges all calibrated to traceable national standards

Automatic CNC controlled 3D measuring machines

  • Software controlled, stepper motor driven X Y stage.
  • High resolution CCD Camera.
  • Motorized zoom Lens with magnification upto 120x.
  • LED profile illumination system.
  • 4 Quad LED surface illumination system.
  • Programmable LED surface and profile illumination system.
  • Z axis with autofocus detection facility for height measurement.
  • Latest configuration computer with monitor.
  • CNC controlled motorized X,Y and Z axis movement.
  • Advanced metrology software with user friendly graphical user interface.
Equipment is capable of:
  • Generating and storing imaginary points such as centre of a circle/arc and intersection of two lines.
  • Finding the distance between two imaginary points like the center distance between two circles, within an accuracy of 5 microns.
  • Create components drawing, using the measured coordinates and store in .Dxf
  • 3D non-contact measurement by auto focus.
  • 3D measurement with touch probe option.
  • CNC part programming capability.


  • Instant Surface finish measurement .
  • Skidless and the highest straightness accuracy .
  • Precise & accurate .
  • Measurement target 0 - 200MM.
  • Sits on anti Vibration table .


The height gauge V3 have been developed for the most difficult workshop environments. Manufactured in their entirety in Switzerland, they will guarantee a robust, precise and reliable product on the long run.

For more than 40 years Trimos philosophy has been to offer easy-to-use instruments that are very efficient in production environment.

The display unit provides functions that are directly accessible and depicted with symbols easy to understand.

This allows for easy and quick handling even by unqualified personnel. The large 2-line « Black Mask » display offers an exceptional contrast in all lighting conditions, a unique characteristic on the market.

The V3 measuring column represents the entry-level of Trimos universal measuring columns. It fully benefits from the developments realized on superior models. A robust and easy-to-use instrument including all functions essential for a use in the workshop.

  • Measuring ranges 400 and 700 mm
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Electronically adjustable measuring force
  • Autonomy: 40 h (lithium-ion batteries)
  • Standard probes up to 400 mm
  • Vast range of accessories
  • All adjustments possible without tools
  • RS232 et USB interfaces
  • Wireless data transfer (optional

Additional mesurement equipment

O Inspect CMM with optical measurement
Surfcom Contour tracer