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About Aaran1 Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

AARAN 1 Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in manufacturing of High Precision Engineering Components, Mechanical Sub-Assemblies and Tooling Systems for Aerospace, Oil & Gas and Medical sector. Having its manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, India which is currently delivering capacity over 1, 00,000 hrs per year on CNC precision machining spread over shop area of 20,000 Sq.Ft. and quality approved to AS9100 Rev D

The manufacturing capability leverages best-in-class manufacturing processes, state-of-the-art technologies. and a globally aware management team with a proven track record of aerospace business development and supply solutions. The facility is temperature controlled with the latest CNC Machines, Carl Zeiss inspection equipment along with robust quality processes & procedures which have resulted in effective lead times,low PPM and achievable quality requirements as per global aerospace standards.

We are proud of our business and the relationships we have developed over the years with our customers. We believe in total customer satisfaction and will always work closely with them to ensure we meet and respond to their individual needs. Our MD Mr Gavin Price enjoys the reputation of being friendly, efficient, flexible and responsive and is confident which has always proven as a preferred choice for a business partner.

We will surly be a forward thinking and progressive company that always will like to stay ahead of the game, to be a leader and not to be led. AARAN 1 is a company for the future.


Aaran 1 engineering also carries stock of a wide range of SBAC standards in the AS Range
  • AS15700 - AS15711
  • AS15720 - AS15743
  • AS15776 - AS15787
  • AS15800 - AS15823
  • AS26400 - AS20739
  • AS27350 – AS27339
  • AS27400 - AS27449
  • AS44680 - range
  • AS44695 - range
  • AS44800 - AS44817
  • AS52800 - AS52849

Whatever your requirements in whatever material AARAN 1 ENGINEERING PVT Ltd will guarantee production in the most economical method to your specified delivery date.

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